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Duct Cleaning Services

Premium Air-conditioning is one of the leading residential air duct cleaners in town. We have the equipment and training to do the best possible job of cleaning and decontaminating your entire air duct system. This series of steps will ensure that your air system is thoroughly and properly cleaned.

Why do we need to get our ducts cleaned ?

  • Air duct cleaning is aimed at increasing indoor air quality and promoting good health.
  • Duct cleaning makes use of vacuums, brushes and chemical cleaning compounds to scrub the inside of your air conditioning ducts and HVAC coils, including supply and return air ducts, heat exchangers and evaporator coils. This improves the health of you and your family by decreasing the number of contaminants in your air.
  • Cleaning your central air conditioning ductwork gives you peace of mind. Think about it, you have no idea what is hidden in the depths of your AC ducts so it can be comforting to know that a professional has inspected them and taken a good look inside.

Here are some advantages to having your AC ducts cleaned :

  • Increased respiratory health due to less contaminants in your AC system.
  • Increased air conditioner efficiency due to increased air flow through your AC ducting.
  • Cleaning your ducts may fight mold growth.
  • Cleaning your ductwork may decrease offensive odors.
  • Duct Cleaning Services
  • Duct Cleaning Services
  • Duct Cleaning Services

When should you have your ducts cleaned ?

You may consider having your air ducts cleaned simply because it seems logical that air ducts will get dirty over time and should occasionally be cleaned. Besides that, there are a few valid pointers to when this particular service needs to be exercised :

  • You have a high volume of pets that shed frequently.
  • Prior to occupancy of a new home.
  • After damage to your HVAC system due to fire.
  • If you have someone who smokes indoors.
  • There is evidence of rodents and animal infestation of your ductwork.
  • If someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies.
  • After a bad sand storm.

If left unclean for a long period of time, your ventilation system could be the largest cause of your household dust and allergy problems. Household dust is the worst offender for causing indoor allergy and asthma symptoms, it gets trapped and collects inside the ventilation system resulting in a steep decrease of the indoor air quality and adds to the indoor air pollution in your home. Call us now to protect yourself and your family from breathing in polluted air inside your beautiful house. We promise to make your house a safer and better place to live in.